Please pray for Mahrokh and Fatemeh as they face court in Iran

[Taken from Open Doors website]

Two of our sisters in Iran are in urgent need of prayer after being arrested.

Mahrokh, 65, converted to Christianity from Islam. On Saturday, she will be going to the Karaj Islamic Revolutionary Court to face the charge of ‘propaganda against the system’. Her home was raided by three intelligence agents in December 2018 and she was interrogated from morning to evening for ten days.
Mahrokh is encouraged to know that people are aware of her situation and praying for her as she prepares to go to court.
Please also pray for Iranian Christian Fatemeh Mohammadi (pictured*), who was arrested when she went to file a complaint about being assaulted on a bus. Her assailant was not penalised, but Fatemeh was arrested and released on bail the following morning.
Last year, in November and December alone, more than 250 Iranian Christians were arrested across the country. Thankfully they are often released after a few hours or days, but have their mobile phones confiscated and know they are not safe. Longer prison sentences have been given to leaders of house churches for Christians from Muslim backgrounds. These churches are frequently raided.
Thank you for all of your prayers. We know that God ‘leads out the prisoners with singing’ (Psalm 68:6) – please continue to pray for those who have been imprisoned for their Christian faith in Iran.
• That the judge will act justly and recognise the right to freedom of religion for Mahrokh
• For strength for Fatemeh’s continuing campaign for religious freedom
• That prisoners will be released, and that those released will heal from the trauma of the appalling conditions they’ve experienced. Felicity.

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