Worshiping God using natural sounds

Thank you so much, Anne Truman, for drawing our attention to Louis Giglio on Youtube describing how all of creation is worshipping God through natural sounds. This came at the end of a ‘special’ service – ‘To the Moon and Back’ where we had joined the astronauts in awe and wonder at God who created our planet [which we have subsequetly messed up]. Giglio takes the pulsars of stars and mixes it with the sounds made by whales and then uses it as backing sound for Chris Tomlin’s ‘How Great is our God, Sing with me…’ so that we are merely augmenting the rest of creation in worshipping God. A true American in style, as much a showman as a man of God and preacher, Giglio’s somewhat whacky thesis nevertheless touches the heart with a sense of wonder and a fresh appreciation of just how small we are yet still loved and cared for by God. ‘Stars and Whales’ entered into a search engine will bring up clips of varying lengths from 4 mins upwards. You can also see it below if you are receiving the electronic version of the notices.

Stars and Whales singing How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin) – Louie Giglio – 9min version

Thank you too to Andrew Barnes who found all of the moon/earth/astronaut/Holy Communion on the moon pictures which I wasn’t expecting but really added to the ambiance. Felicity

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